Online Safety & Digital Wellbeing Webinars

Children and young people in out-of-home care face unique challenges and an increased likelihood of encountering online harms such as cyberbullying, unwanted contact (grooming) and having their personal information stolen (scams).

However, with support from carers, children and young people are able to connect, create, and share online in a safe and positive way.

Deb Collard (Project Coordinator from FCAV) recently sat down Bec Martin and Steve Villani from Evolve Education to discuss the risks children and young people in care face, and what you, as carers, can do to help. 

There are two webinars as children and young people use the internet in different ways depending on their age, interests, and level of access. 

Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing for Children in Care (0-8 years) Webinar

This webinar covers:

  • Using parental controls 
  • Reducing exposure to violent and pornographic materials
  • Setting usage limits and dealing with tech tantrums
  • Protecting privacy and personal information 
  • Minimising risks in popular games and platforms (for example, Youtube) 
  • Avoiding unwanted and unsafe contact

Carer Tips: Online Safety for Children PDF button

Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing for Young People in Care (8-18 years) Webinar

This webinar covers:

  • Protecting your privacy 
  • Social Media and Gaming dangers
  • How to Reporting and Support (Cyberbullying and Image Based Abuse)
  • Unwanted Contact and Grooming 
  • Exposure to pornography
  • How to have online safety conversations with young people

Carer Tips: Online Safety for Young People  PDF button

To view these webinars please complete the REGISTRATION FORM HERE.  Once registered, the Carer KaFÉ team will forward you the webinar link.


We hope you find both of these webinars practical, engaging and empowering.

For more information you can head over to our RESOURCES FOR ONLINE SAFETY FOR CHILDREN IN CARE page that has more carer tips and resources.


Evolve Education have been delivering digital safety to a range of clients including Victorian primary and secondary schools for several years.  Their expertise is so valued by some of these schools they have entered into service agreements with them to support them with a  ‘on-call’ response when concerning online circumstances arise – for example Sexting (inappropriate images shared by students).  Evolve has the required digital skills to provide advice and implement strategies which limit the exposure of such images.

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