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To care for Victoria’s children and young adults in kinship and foster placements, carers themselves need training and support. Launched on 21 April 2017, Carer KaFÉ provides learning and development opportunities for carers throughout Victoria.

The core client group for Carer KaFE includes all statutory kinship and accredited foster carers who take on the care of children in home-based care across Victoria.

Carers currently receiving targeted care packages and permanent carers will also be included where minimum core numbers are registered. Where training sessions have minimum registration numbers are met, discretion may be used to allow permanent carers, foster care agency staff or departmental staff to attend. Some training may also be provided to family members of carers such as the carer’s partner or biological children or other members of the carer’s household where this is considered necessary and in the best interests of the children and young people in care.

The Program Manager will be responsible for using discretion in approving additional attendees outside of the core.   Carer KaFE training excludes people who are undergoing accreditation as carers or planning to seek accreditation.

Learning & Development Opportunities

Carer KaFÉ Newsletter
Carer KaFÉ Newsletter

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